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 Help us Advocate for the L.A. River  Bike Path


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About the L.A. River Walkers & Watchers

The L.A. River Walkers and Watchers (LARWW) are neighbors who volunteer to help preserve the L.A. River bike path as a community resource for all to enjoy. The LARWW’s mission is to ensure that local government agencies, state conservancies and joint power authorities with L.A. River jurisdiction provide public safety, maintenance and resource-management services, enforce regulations, address health concerns, and care for the overall wellbeing of natural resources along the L.A. River bike path.

In November 2015, more than 30 neighbors from the west San Fernando Valley gathered at the Tampa Avenue gate of the L.A. River bike path in Reseda to share concerns and challenges the community faced with regard to increasing crime, littering, illegal dumping, lack of landscape maintenance, and criminal activity taking place along the bike path. Councilmember Bob Blumenfield joined neighbors on a walk of the bike path and heard from a diverse group of voices that included neighbors from Reseda, Winnetka, Tarzana, Encino, Woodland Hills and Canoga Park about the need for safety patrols, maintenance services, as well as concerns over health hazards and increasing criminal activity spilling over into adjacent neighborhoods.

The Councilmember committed to work with the community to find solutions to these challenges.  In December of 2019, the L.A. City Council approved legislation drafted by the councilmember that would give the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) oversight of the L.A. River Bike Path (in the SF Valley) from Owensmouth Blvd to Vanalden Street.  The MRCA Rangers will begin in the Fall of 2020.

What we do

clean-up & report

Clean the bike path on an ongoing basis, monitor and make observations about its maintenance and overall upkeep. 

Report conditions and concerns along the bike path and riverbed to proper agencies and local authorities.

engage & advocate

Engage the community, elected officials, media and, more importantly, the engineers behind the Masterplan on an ongoing basis. 

Advocate for a clean, safe, healthy and environmentally well-maintained resource and community amenity. 

Advocate for responsible urban planning that includes the community’s voice in the development of public works projects, like the expansion of the L.A. River, from their inception through implementation.


Offer community-driven solutions to policymakers and engineers about challenges we see along the bike path, under bridges and on the riverbed.


welcome to the vanalden west bike path at the headwaters of the l.a. river in the west san fernando valley

Our bike path, which is adjacent to the L.A. River, was opened to the public in 2012. It runs through neighborhoods in Reseda, Winnetka, Woodland Hills, and Canoga Park.

As the bike path expands through the city’s diverse neighborhoods, the safety, health and maintenance of the L.A. River is directly tied to the well-being of our communities. We believe that having a state conservancy with joint power authority, like the Mountains Recreation & Conservancy Authority, in charge of the L.A. River headwaters from Canoga Park to Vanalden can help communities enjoy the bike path, the river and all it has to offer.



Join Us, Every Last Saturday of Every Month @8a.m.

 Meeting location: 19313 Victory Blvd., Reseda

In front of Chase Bank at the corner of Tampa Blvd. and Victory Blvd.

our monthly clean-ups are schedule

April 27th

may 25th

june 29th

July 27th

aug 31st

As neighbors living near or adjacent to the L.A. River, we are interested in an integrative approach to River design and policy that engages the local community as a key stakeholder in the masterplan process from inception to implementation, and thereafter.

- L.A. River Walkers & Watchers

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